Oman and the Arabian Sea

After four days in the hustle and bustle of city life, we are now in Oman.  Our driver picked us up this morning and took us along a coastal highway to the Musandam Peninsula, the northernmost part of Oman.  The Arabian Sea (Persian Gulf) peeked through homes, building and dunes until we neared Oman, then we followed along its turquoise and aqua coastal waters.  Following a twisting road carved out of the mountains over the sea, we finally arrived at our hotel sitting on a precipice high above the waters.

Khasab is mostly a little stretched-out fishing village, but off its shores is some of the best diving/snorkeling in the Middle East.  Colorful coral is home to a wide variety of fish.  Dolphins swim here.  We will join them tomorrow when we go out on a half-day dhow cruise.  Tom will snorkel; I am ambivalent.  Some of those fish writers wax eloquent about can kill us.  I will dress for swimming and decide later whether I want to do that or just enjoy the view and take pictures.  Now, to bed.

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M.A., Middle Eastern and North African Studies. Wanderer. Author, "When Freedom Called: at the front and home front in the Gulf War", 2011.

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