Delightful Decadence


In one week, we will be in the air on our way to Oman.   After years of camping from the back seat of my pickup truck, with horses in tow, and while living in primitive conditions, Tom and I have decided to do things a little differently – just this one time.

God willing, after a week in Dubai for Christmas, we will enjoy the mountains and waters of the Straits of Hormuz, then bathe ourselves in delightful, opulent decadence for a full week in Muscat at a palace-like hotel. Then, we will glide back in time to another era, a magical time of endless sands and star-studded skies over romantic Arabian nights.

Clara and Anna of Ocean Blue Oman have answered questions, made multiple modifications to our plans as our vision has expanded and evolved, and, finally, provided a full itinerary, complete with photos, days, times and places.

Omani Welcoming Committee – Seven Months Later – Christmas

We have planned and anticipated our adventure for seven months now. How very thankful we are to Brigadier Abdi, who planted the seeds of this trip back in May, when he first visited and dined with us, and with our friends in the Santa Cruz County Fair and Rodeo Association, at a tiny restaurant in Sonoita, our home town.

One more week of waiting while visions of lollipops dance in our heads.

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M.A., Middle Eastern and North African Studies. Wanderer. Author, "When Freedom Called: at the front and home front in the Gulf War", 2011.

2 thoughts on “Delightful Decadence”

  1. You are both so deserving of this fantastic vacation. Your entire life has been devoted to our country – America !!!! I look forward to hearing all about the trip and hope you are able to take pictures to post on Facebook.

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