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In our little community, the last appearance any of us will make in life is on the door of our local post office where we must go to pick up our daily mail.

Ours is mostly a retirement, ranching, and wine producing community filled with about 900 very tough and active people. When someone passes away, which happens quite often since we are the final home of many seniors, his or her picture and biography is displayed prominently on the U.S. Post Office door.

While a few people seem only to be filling time until their ultimate day of posting comes, most live life to its fullest. We have chosen to live fully as long as our health allows – not to sit around just waiting for our turn to appear on the post-office door. So, in this approaching Thanksgiving day, I want to honor those who have brought so much good into our lives:

  • It all starts with God who gives joy, and live, and peace. My parents who, though far from perfect, attended church regularly and paid my way to a college where Christ was honored.
  • My father, who never spoke of “if” I would go to college but only of “when”, even though no one in our family had never completed more than high school.  He inspired my respect for learning, which has followed me and both shaped and enriched my life.
  • My husband, who is the finest man I know – devoted both to God and our family. He also chose a career in the U.S. Army, which has opened up doors that we never could have imagined.
  • My children, who have grown into awesome adults, far better looking, smarter, more accomplished, thoughtful, and kind than either of their parents. They also have produced 5 and 7/9th grandkids for us to love and enjoy.
  • My country, which blessed me with freedom to enjoy life, worship as I please and live life to its fullest. There is no where else on earth that I would rather live – especially as a woman.
  • My friends, who have brought countless adventures into my life. Moving around in the military, we have met and left so many people our Christmas-card list is overwhelming. Each has imprinted us with a set of memories that enriches our lives over and over.
  • Then, finally, there are all the serendipitous people, places and events that are part of our history. Memories and realities that make me shake my head in awe that we should have been blessed with meeting, seeing, taking part in these wonders.
  • Little Oman would be included as one of these serendipitous happenings. Who would have guessed that, so late in life, I should have been blessed with this curious little friend that is bringing so much joy by just being there – a little mystery to be explored, seen, understood and enjoyed. And included in this, I am grateful for the little nation’s Sultan who has mediated for our country in so many sensitive situations, helping to keep peace in that region and in our own lives here and the world . . . Little nation, big impact.

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M.A., Middle Eastern and North African Studies. Wanderer. Author, "When Freedom Called: at the front and home front in the Gulf War", 2011.

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