HM Sultan Qaboos on Terrorism

HM Sultan Qaboos.jpg

On September 25, 2001, in response to the attack on our World Trade Center, Sultan Qaboos firmly condemned terrorism:

“All types of terrorism, regardless of who practices it, constitute an attack on the peace all nations aspire to, and on the international stability and security that we work with other countries to achieve.  Therefore, we condemn terrorism, demanding an end to terrorism and for its causes to be resolved.”

Sultan Qaboos has also expressed a rationale for the modification of Islamic thinking required to make it work in the modern world.  In 1994 a plot to assassinate the Sultan was discovered and thwarted.  His Majesty disappear for awhile.  When he reappeared, he stated in a speech:

“Extremism, under whatever guise, fanaticism of whatever kind, factionalism of whatever persuasion would be hateful poisonous plants in the soil of our country which will not be allowed to flourish”

“Almighty God has sent down the Holy Quran with wisdom and clarity.  He set out in it the general principles and Laws of Jurisprudence, but he did not express these in details which might differ from place to place and time to time.  He did so to enable us to interpret the Law of Islam according to its basic principles and the requirements of life . . . Obstinacy in religious understanding leads to backwardness in Muslims, prevalence of violence and intolerance . . . This, as a matter of fact, is far removed from Islam which rejects exaggeration and bigotry, because it is the religion of liberality.”

(All the above quotations are from, Oman:  Jewel of the Arabian Gulf, By Georg Popp)


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